Garage doors

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DASMARTERMO GARAGE DOORS are characterized by:

  • Comfort, safety and security

– remote electric drive via a remote control;
– security system against catching the finger between panels, burglary attempts;
– the possibility of emergency opening in case of a power failure.

  • Optimal thermal insulation achieved by

– sandwich panels;
– side leaves.

BUILT for life

The doors are built according to German projects, resetting all quality standards. They are designed to withstand more than 25,000 operating cycles. So we guarantee that the doors will work flawlessly for at least 10 years.


Thanks to the thick panels, as well as the elastic and weather-resistant gaskets, the doors are an effective barrier against rain, snow and wind. For superior thermal insulation, the side joints have been doubled. Respectively, garage doors are built only with panels that can effectively insulate your home while always being safe.


Automated sectional garage doors are very practical, giving your home a modern look. Door automation is signed by Sommer Germany. Also, the pedestrian doors with the garage door give a greater value to the facade of the house.

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