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GENEO Profile

From an energy point of view, GENEO is a good system of profiles for windows with a depth of 86 mm that currently exists on the construction market.
The peculiarity of GENEO systems is the high-tech RAU-FIPRO material that gives these Rehau insulated windows a special stability. This technique ensures that steel reinforcements are no longer required, a 90% reduction in costs.
Technical specifications

  • Construction depth: 86 mm
  • Number of rooms: 6 rooms
  • Thermal insulation: Uf = up to 0.85 W / m²K
  • Energy saving: up to 76% *
  • Material: RAU-FIPRO® fibre composite, covered on the outside with RAU-PVC coextruded quality material
  • Sound insulation: without reinforcement, up to RwP = 47 dB (with Rw glass = 50 dB)
  • Air permeability: 4 (EN 12207)
  • Water tightness: 9A (EN 12208)
  • Burglary protection: up to class WK3, up to class WK2 without reinforcement


  • Double glazing windows with a fully reinforced window profile system, without additional steel reinforcement
  • Exceptional stability due to the Hightech RAU-FIPRO material
  • Visible width, on the outside, 115 mm for optimal brightness
  • Easy handling and assembly, thanks to the advantage of low weight, up to 40%, compared to the usual profile systems
  • Functional chambers for optimizing the thermal insulation properties of the profile by using thermomodules
  • The large depth of the rabbet of 66 mm allows the installation of triple insulating glass (3 sheets of glass)
  • High quality HD, extremely smooth and durable, easy to clean surface
  • Ecological, being recyclable


  • Extensive design possibilities by colouring with decorative foils, painting or plating on the outside with aluminium lids
  • Individual shapes: round windows can be made, irregular as well as inclined or divided by splashes
  • Grey gaskets for white and black profiles for colour insulated windows

The following accessories and additional products are available for the GENEO system:

  • Anti-grease solutions for corners: prevents the formation of mold and dampness (DIN 4108-2)
  • REHAU Comfort-Design plus: The roller profile system offers effective protection against light and prying eyes. Optional, available with mesh roller against insects.






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