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SYNEGO Profile

SYNEGO windows are an ideal saving program. They give you up to 50% higher thermal insulation compared to standard windows. In this way, you will significantly reduce the costs of heating your home and you will experience a new well-being sensation, which you will never want to give up.

Technical specifications:

  • Construction depth of 80 mm for slim proportions
  • Low visible height of 117 mm, for a high level of brightness
  • Glass thickness up to 51 mm, allows the installation of a thermal insulating glass with 3 sheets of glass
  • 7 chambers in the frame, 6 chambers in the wing for optimal insulation
  • Perimeter seals for reliable protection against air currents and moisture
  • In addition, a third sealing plan is available for additional thermal insulation


  • Energy saving due to the high level of thermal insulation
  • Low noise with the highest level of sound insulation
  • Increased level of safety due to individual burglary protection
  • Creative design of windows with over 220 colours and a multitude of shapes
  • Clean, bright windows with perfectly smooth surfaces thanks to the unique High Definition Finishing formula
  • Low impact on the environment due to the manufacturing process that protects natural resources


  • You can choose from countless design options for your SYNEGO windows: bright white, wood imitation decorative foils, in warm colours, with structured surfaces or modern solid colours.
  • You can opt for a different look inside and out, for example anthracite on the outside and classic white on the inside.






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